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Handmade with attention to detail

Luminaires made of wood in combination with stone and metal. Portable cooking utensils of a different kind - for polenta, soups or mulled wine - unique pieces of metal with copper kettles. Wardrobes or decorative stands. Room dividers or gifts - the attention to detail is important to us, and every piece is unique.



We move stones

Everything that has to do with stones is our passion: dry or grout walls, garage entrances, cladding, gardens or fountains. The spectrum is wide. But, we are far more than that. Jungwolf Design also handles the electrical work - the customer gets all the trade from a single source.



We take care of your home

Not only do we create the most unusual design ideas, we also care for our customers. Terrace cleaning, removal of moss, damage repairs - with our professional cleaning system, your outdoor area will be "as new" again. Also repairs of the electrical installation are in good hands with us.

We turn wishes to reality

You have an idea and nobody can do it. You have an unusual desire, and not the right craftsman? We are everything - just not ordinary. And so are our projects. Each a new challenge. Each one unique - as we just.



Construction time - that's how long it will take for the Big Boy project to be completed and a design expedition mobile made by Jungwolf to roll on Italian roads.

Stones per wall

We move things - often tons and by hand. Always hundreds and thousands of stones. Our last wall: 400,000 kilos of stone.


Work experience in the family. The father started it, the sons do it - different, more modern, but with the experience of two generations.

We are different

No mass-produced goods. Nothing in the Far East. Always with attention to detail.
Each piece is unique

The tree root from nature. The given "problems" in her apartment. The desire for uniqueness - all this inspires us to create a unique piece for you. Be it the lamp without a cable, the wall whose joints radiate at night or the copper grill without screws - we create unique pieces for our customers - because each of you is also a "one of a kind".

Attack, implement, realize

Not everyone has the strength, experience and tools to work, move and fix the heaviest stones. We know our way around stone and woodworking and can therefore realize big projects - but not just "off the peg", but always individually for our customers.

we clean up and repair

Nature can be hard - to its terrace, the outdoor lighting, the color of the house or pool. We know that, because we work in nature every day - and that's why we know how to take care of, clean and maintain your property. Please contact us for an individual offer.

Here you will find the right part

Actually, we would like to keep all our individual pieces - but it's a great feeling to see how much joy our design creations make to others, how to put a smile on the faces of new owners or their admirers. That's why they are available here: unique design items that inspire - new every day.

Let us talk to each other

Visit our workshop

Franz -Josef Ambach und Jakob Ambach

Telefon: +39 329 1858566
Nationalstrasse 64, 39040 Auer, Italien